Our Projects

  • Med plus

    Med plus

    MED Plus I is a project of direct support of medical expenses for MSM patients of Bali Medika Clinic. It’s dedicated to newly diagnosed patients. Some of the patients required medical follow-up and additional tests. Due to their financial status, they are unable or strongly delayed with ARV treatment. Free HIV test for patients conducting…

  • Covid-19 Support

    Through the Covid pandemic, many peoples were hurt. We feel that we have to step in and increase our support to patients not directly related to HIV issues. With support from Bali Medika Clinic, Yayasan Gaya Dewata, Yayasan Kerti Praja, WARGAS Singaraja and Yayasan Bali Peduli we have selected over 500 clients (HIV positive) that…

  • arv access program

    Due to interruptions in deliveries of anti-retroviral drugs across Indonesia, we decide to privately import anti-retroviral medicines for patients in need. We supported 40 patients with full or co-payment for around 6 months. Program budget – 38.000.000 IDR

  • Condom Men 2013 – 2019

    Condom Men is a project funded by Bali Rainbow Community and run by Yayasan Gaya Dewata from 2013 till 2019. Every week, for few days outreach staff from YGD working on the Double Six beach – a popular hangout spot for the LGBTQ+ community and on Dhyana Pura street in front of gay bars. Staff…

  • Spiritia Paramacitta Foundation Grant – 2016

    10.000.000 IDR grant for Public Health Study at Udayana University for Spiritia Paramacitta Foundation leader. The goal of this course is to teach leaders how to better approach public health issues like HIV and AIDS epidemic.

  • MSM HIV Testing In Kerti Praja Foundation

    MSM HIV Testing In Kerti Praja Foundation

    MSM Test Program project covers the cost of 5 months Amertha Clinic work. This free clinic is run by Kerti Praja Foundation in Denpasar. Patients in the clinic have access to counseling, free HIV testing, and ARV treatment. Program budget – 31.000.000 IDR

  • HIV Awareness Program

    Project run by Yayasan Kerti Praja. Its main goal is to provide comprehensive knowledge among gay spa staff, gay saunas, gay bars in Bali. We also provide free STD and HIV testing. Project budget: 45.000.000 Rp

  • WARCAN Shelter House

    Bali Rainbow Community funds, create, and help to run for two years shelter house for HIV positive transgender’s woman group WARCAN. 24 transgender women living with HIV in Bali use this community center and shelter house for meetings, workshops, meeting with outreach staff. We also provided medical care that includes monthly doctor visits. Project budget…